Superior KAXOD-E

Superior KAXOD-E

1. Shims are supplied in this kit to better fine tune end clearance. This is an important step in maintaining proper lube and reducing wear.2. This Superior kit replaces problem converter relief valves in the valve body with a more efficient ball and spring setup.3. New viton check balls are also supplied in the KAXOD-E kit for the pump body. These balls take the harshest abuse.4. A new CASE HARDENED STEEL *** Boost Valve and Sleeve with a Sure Seal O-ring replaces the O.E. valve and sleeve which is very prone to wear, causing loss of boost pressure. Value supplied in this package.

Note to purchasing: Ask for Superior part number KAXOD-E



Shift Correction Package

This valve body kit deals with these problems: * Delayed shifts* Flare on the 3-2 down shifts* Inadequate lube oil* Converter chatter* Soft or sloppy upshifts* Down shift bump* Pressure rise problems