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made-in-usaOver the past 33 years Superior Transmission Parts, Inc. has manufactured our family of Products with “Made in the U.S.A” pride and marketed our brands as:

  • Shift Technology Products®
  • Shift Correction Packages®
  • Fairbanks Performance®
  • TransActions® & Posi-Shifts™
  • PowerTow Performance® SelectiveAction℠ packages
  • TransLab Engineered®
  • Bench Buddy®
  • Accumulator Buddy®
  • SuperTuff® plates, tools and critical snap rings
  • Sure-Cool® Lube / Cooler Flow patented products
  • Superior Solutions-Technology That Works® Problem solvers.
  • PressureRisers®
Our product lines have expanded to include over 275 different kits, tools and problem solvers each designed to cure commonly encountered deficiencies and inconsistencies, weak or poor hydraulic designs, service problems found when repairing, upgrading, rebuilding or enhancing the performance of automatic transmissions. This also includes “stock” as well as “modified” automatic transmissions.

Transmission “101” for us is Identifying a recurring complaint, whether it is easy or complex.  Fixing a known problem is paramount, It’s getting a product into the hands of Rebuilders who either are fixing a units complaint or wanting to upgrade performance. Sometimes Builders tell us problems they are seeing on the bench to which we’ve been able to identify the underlying problem that takes a unit out or come up with a “fix” for the issue. This as you can imagine can take a lot of R&D time, dedication, expertise and testing.

Once we know what’s needed to “cure or enhance” the units deficiencies, or how we are developing a True Performance Product, We want to find a solution that fixes the underlying cause without creating any other issues or incompatibility problems and also will be cost effective, easy to install and give consistent results to the end user.

A straight-up valve-body kit that we bring to the aftermarket will encompass a number of components and will prevent a number of common problems. For example the kit supplies many critical springs to replace the “common” fatigued ones and has been thoroughly tested and re-tested to adhere to Superior highest standards. You could say it’s a SUPERIOR KIT!

Our goal has always been to keep the Superior product line “user friendly.”  One way that goal has been achieved is through writing the instructions included in every kit.  Although an engineer could write those sheets, the Superior TechTeam™ prefers to author each instruction sheet themselves to make sure the final product is easily understood. “Technicians tell us all the time they like the minimal install time required to use our kits”.  In development we keep in mind that “on the bench, time is money”.

Who are we?…

Superior Transmission Products

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We are The Simple Solution™… And the problem solvers of the transmission industry. We are the innovators of new technology and procedures. We manufacture our products at our world headquarters in Tallahassee, FL. And yes “Made in America” does mean something to us!

For over 33 years, through our network of royaltied inventors and Superior’s in house design Techteam™ develop, manufacture and patent “easy to understand” Valve body kits, fixes and products that help your customers keep their rebuilt units out of the shop and in the customers driveway.

Flash forward from the 70’s and 80’s to 1997 when Dennis Erickson Sr. (our president & founder) purchased Fairbanks Racing Automatics and moved the companies assets and staff to Tallahassee, Florida.

The complete line was superior certified in 1998 and many of the products that superior now offered were condensed down to just what transmission rebuilders would want and moved the products (due to the technical nature) away from the diy’er market. Too many tech calls and the lack of YouTube and the internet made tech responses a big headache.

The line survived for many years unchanged but once we started adding the super servos and added more products for performance, the name was eventually changed to fairbanks performance products® and is now the performance division of superior transmission parts, inc.

As with Fairbanks Performance® a lot has changed over the last 44 years but that name… “Fairbanks” is recognized and respected by many of our fellow hobbyists, street / strip racers and “gear heads” Around the world… Still to this day.

What an honor for us to carry the torch… Forward!

In 2008 superior added a new product line the Powertow Performance® line of kits. A specifically developed truck kit for towing/hauling and/or performance.

Under the Fairbanks banner and was the 1st new line added in more than 10 yrs under the Fairbanks name. Soon after it launched superior received several new awards and industry wide attention, due to it being the only product for trucks that helps the unit when programmers or ecu/ecm were modified.
The Powertow line is tested with several types of aftermarket controllers and was developed to compliment the increases of horsepower and the addition of programmer devices from the aftermarket.

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