Superior K4L60-E-V

Superior K4L60-E-V

1. This Shift Correction Package offers regular and heavy duty applications in one package.2. The Superior 4L60-E kit helps prevent premature wear of the forward sprag.3. Improves overall performance and shift quality.4. Converts lock-up to an on/off system to help stop the TCC slippage code.

Note to purchasing: Ask for Superior part numbers K4L60-E-V (with valve) or K4L60-E (regular w/o valve)


4L60-E with valve kit

Shift Correction Package

This valve body kit deals with these problems:* Bind up in reverse* Low and reverse clutch burn up* Delayed engagement in forward and reverse *Slide in 2nd* 3-4 clutch burn up* More lube oil* Clutch and band failure* Code 1870/converter burn-up* New .474 boost valve included to replaceworn OE valve.