Superior K089

Superior K089

Each Accumu-Seal Kit includes six patent-pending ringed pistons, plus a specially designed patent-pending Accumulator Buddy bore brush to clean and prep the accumulator bore surface before inserting the newly designed pistons with Teflon sealing rings.* Each kit contains three fixes for U140-240 Series (2 needed per fix) or two fixes for U150-250 Series (3 needed per fix)

Note to purchasing: Ask for Superior part number K089.



U150-250 Series And U140-240 Series Accumu-Seal

Problem Solver

Our Accumu-Seal Technology provides the simple solution for worn bores in Toyota and Lexus valve body castings and helps to eliminate burnt clutches, slips, flares and shifting issues.* U150-250 Series – Burnt direct clutches , 2-3 flares, excess heat, burnt 2nd and 4th and 5th gear shifting concerns.* U140-240 Series – Reverse slip, burnt 2nd, 3rd and overdrive issues