Superior K0192

Superior K0192

Note to purchasing: Ask for Superior part number K0192.


Introducing Superior’s Newest 4r75 Supertuff® Plate Part# K0192 With A .073” 1-2 Feed Hole

Made in the U.S.A., both 4R75 SuperTuff plates (K092 & K0192) are zinc coated and extra thick to stop flex and cracking. Both plates come with our famous “Snubber” to correct the wear on the nub of the 2-3 accumulator spring retainer. While they’re the perfect replacement for a “stock” valve body plate (just match up your original 1-2 plate hole size) for correct use. If you prefer the Original K092 SuperTuff Plate with the .092″ 1-2 feed hole size, we find it works best with kits and upgrades and can be drilled larger to match “kit” instructions for feed hole size and accumulator spring choices.

Got a Smaller 1-2 feed orifice? That’s where the “Choice” comes in. With the NEW K0192 SuperTuff plate, the new smaller .073″ 1-2 feed hole works as a stock replacement on the later model 4R75’s that came with a smaller 1-2 feed hole, and factory accumulator springs. It replaces stock plates found in most V-6/small V-8 units from 2008-current production. The good news is you can now keep your late accumulator spring set up if you just want to change the stock plate without firming the 1-2 shift. you can always use the K0192 as a start and if you want it firmed up, just drill the .073″ 1-2 feed orifice to whatever size you want. Remember, either plate can be modified when using your favorite Superior Shift Correction Package or Fairbanks Performance Product. Complete instructions on use and hole locations come with both SuperTuff Plates. PART# K092 with a .092″ 1-2 feed hole or use PART# K0192 with a .073″ 1-2 feed hole

YOU NOW HAVE A CHOICE! Giving You Two Superior Options!