Superior K0114

Superior K0114

* Better lube and cooling the solenoid* Allow debris and contamination to “exit” the canister* Stabilizes the overall structure for accurate operation* Made in the U.S.A.* Fits virtually all tools offered

Note to purchasing: Ask for Superior part number K0114



AW55 / 50SN (09D,G,K,M) & AW21 Solenoid Cans

Problem Solvers

Put an end to re-using distorted cans that can cause loose crimping, poor stabilization and overheating.Since you went thru so much trouble and expense to buy the tools, bushings, washers and your labor to peel it apart and re-new it…why not finish the job and install a new can?Our proprietary Part # K0114 has special venting/cleaning features that help to assure fluid circulates within the canister, which also helps to cool and clean it. It doesn’t take any extra time and gives the coil assembly a new “trued” surface ledge to support the “snout”.