Superior K0108

Superior K0108


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RE5RO5A Snap Ring (HD)

Problem Solvers

The newest product to be released in our SuperTuff solutions is USA made and ready for install, to help keep your RE5 unit out of the shop and back on the road!Cause: The factory original snap ring was very thin, narrow and just plain flimsy, with the groove depth in the case being only .050″ deep the original design snap ring has no real support to keep it in place. Over time the flexing and “bowing” effects distort the ring and cause it to Dish outwards and “pop” out of the groove. When this occurs the retainer plate, waved “crest to crest” release spring and piston will pop out of position and cause a no-move or slip / bind-up in reverse also causing damage to the parts in the rear of the case.Fix: Install theK0108 and custom fit you new snap ring to stay in place all the time-every time!