Superior K0102

Superior K0102

The Advantage to having an adjustable overdrive band servo pin is obvious to builders when the question asked is “how can I take up some of the “Slop” of the O.D. Band”, especially when drums are changed, turned or re-manufactured or replaced with outside diameter differences in manufacturing or for that matter, differences in the bands themselves.Our Unique, adjuster / locking set-up is just what you need for confidence in adjusting and keeping the adjustment where you set it. Quick and easy, with detailed instructions and spec’s, step up to a new level of adjustability where – until now, there was none.

Ask for Superior Part Number K0102


AOD-E / 4R70W / 4R75W Adjust-A-Pin

Problem Solvers

Superior’s Latest, Unique Problem Solver comes with our new Band support tool, the “Jimmy Clip”. This Clip is like a 3rd hand when it comes to removal and installation of any AOD-E, 4R70W/E or 4R75E/W overdrive band servo piston. No more Fuss or Hassle! Simply insert the Jimmy Clip into the opening of the casting next to the overdrive band servo, and it will hold the band in place while you switch the pin for adjustment, servo replacement or servo upgrade to a Superior K085 SuperServo.Tested and re-tested this “Tru-Fit” Pin doesn’t need seals or o-rings to properly address the sometimes “slightly worn” bore. Built to Superior Transmission Parts, Inc.’s exacting standards this “Made in the USA.” Product will meet and exceed your requirements for producing a Hi-Quality Unit that stay’s out on the road.