Fairbanks PT4R75

Fairbanks PT4R75

* New Billet Aluminum Double-ringed 2/3 Accu-seal Piston* Complete Steel “No Ream” PR Valve/Boost Train* Simplified Instructions – 3 Levels of Calibration – Programmer Friendly* Steel BCC Boost Valve and Sleeve* “Super Tough” Plate Included to Replace Often Cracked Stock Separator Plate* 2/3 Steel End Plug w/O-ring* Many other Superior Favorites Included = Extra Value!* The Only Stand Alone 4R75 Kit Specifically Developed for F-150 Trucks(Will Fit Grand Marquis/Crown Vic, Police, Taxi and Mustang)


4R75 PowerTow Kit

High Performance

PowerTow Selective Action Perfromance Packages are specifically designed and tested for hauling, fleet and commercial units. This kit includes “Programmer Friendly” performance levels. Specifically developed for today’s hard working computer controlled automatic transmissions.