Superior K076

Superior K076

The Watch Dog Monitor/Filter makes it easy to check for contaminants circulating in the transmission fluids. For greater protection the Watch Dog Monitor/Filter features a filter and a by-pass system. Should a clog develop, the internal filter comes off the seat allowing cooler flow to continue. Think of the Watch Dog Monitor/Filter as a transmissions’ early warning system, helping to take the bite out of major comebacks. This innovative Superior Simple Solution is also perfect for use in racing applications where regular inspections can give a good indication as to the condition of the unit and help avoid a major failure in the next race.

Note to purchasing: Ask for Superior part number K076



Superior Watch Dog Filter

Problem Solver

Install Superior’s Watch Dog Monitor/Filter after every rebuild, then when the unit comes back for a follow-up inspection, unscrew the housing and look inside for excessive converter clutch lining material. This can be a sure sign of converter or lock-up problems.