Superior K062

Superior K062

1. Code 62 is a very common problem that relates to converter clutch slippage. When Code62 is set, the transmission will begin to shift hard and late. The OD cancel light will beginto flash. Superior supplies the parts and modifications needed to fix this problem.2. The custom bushing is designed with a knurled outer surface to help eliminate spinningand walking. The bushing also has the drain back notch pre-cut.3. The O.E. drain back valve can melt in the pump. We replace this valve with a metal valve set-up.

Note to purchasing: Ask for Superior part number K062.


E40D Pump Correction Package

Problem Solver

This Problem Solver deals with these problems:Helps to eliminate reoccurring Code 62 in the computer.Full time lube and increased cooler flow.Bushing walking and spinning.Replacement of O.E. plastic drain back valve, with metal valve.Improves pump durability.