Superior K010

Superior K010

Note to purchasing: Ask for Superior part number K010



Problem Solver

This Problem Solver deals with this problem:* Loss of stock AOD snap ring off the intermediate sprag retainer, causing failure of the sprag.1. The Superior AOD/AOD-E Spiral “Plus” Ring Kit is designed not to fly off the intermediate sprag, even under high RPM. This New Millennium design features a two-piece set with the Spiral Ring and a G-Lock ring that dramatically increases holding capacity of the retaining rings. In the Superior lab, this set has been tested on a dynamometer over 16,000 RPM2. The Superior K010 Spiral “Plus” Ring Kit is the same, easy-to-install ring kit that is included in the Superior AOD-E Shift Correction Package.3. The AOD/AOD-E Spiral “Plus” Ring Kit is packaged in handy three-packs and is a MUST for AOD rebuilds.4. This ring kit will also service the diode sprag from Ford.